Apr 21, 2014

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Your New Car Dealer in Park Forest, IL

Ford Motor Company is the largest family-owned business in the world. Established by Henry Ford in 1903 it has continuously had a member of the Ford family as the company’s CEO. It is this family pride and consistent quality that has helped Ford to become and remain one of the world’s most popular car companies.

Ford has had a long list of classic cars during its over 100 year old history. Many of these vehicles have become entwined with American history itself.

The Model-T

The Model A may have been the Ford Motor Company’s first, but the Model-T (often known affectionately as a Tin Lizzie) exceeded its popularity so substantially that many forget there was anything before the Model-T. For 19 years this car was a popular and attainable vehicle for many. In fact 15 million of these vehicles were sold during its production run.

Lincoln Town Car

The Lincoln Motor Company became a part of Ford Motor Company in 1927. This was the line of vehicles which were the luxury models for the company, with the Lincoln Town Car its most popular model.

Ford Mustang

1964 was the year the world was introduced to the Mustang and 1 million people apparently liked what they saw. Today the sixth generation of this popular muscle car has hit the market and the excitement for it has refused to fade.

Ford Trucks

You cannot talk about Ford without discussing Ford trucks. For many in the United States, this is THE American truck. Popular with farmers, sportsmen, construction workers and more. For over 30 years, the Ford F150 has been the most popular, best-selling truck in the country.

If you are now ready to become a part of the American tradition and purchase your own Ford from a new car dealer in Park Forest, IL, you need to buy directly from a Ford dealer. This is the way to get the deal, the warranty and the service Ford has long been famous for.

Sutton Ford is a new car dealer in Park Forest, IL that maintains a large inventory of new and certified used Ford cars and trucks. Come pick out the Ford of your choice from their extensive options available.

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