Mar 14, 2014

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Your First Visit To An Auto Accident Attorney

Getting into and accident and being injured is bad enough, but having to deal with the insurance company, the other driver and even legal aspects of the accident can be even worse. To help you get through all the difficulties it is important to work closely with an auto accident attorney. Omaha, NE is home to several top firms that can represent you effectively throughout your case.

Getting in touch with an auto accident attorney in Omaha, NE is important as soon as possible after the crash. The attorney can advise you on the information that you need to get at the scene, and will also be able to help you in understanding the next few steps. Even if you didn’t call an attorney from the scene, you do need to set an appointment before you take any actions.

Shop Around

There are a lot of different ways to find an auto accident attorney. Omaha, NE phone books, lawyer directories and listings and websites can all give you a list of names. However, some of your best possibilities may be in talking to friends, relatives and coworkers that have used a personal injury attorney in the past.

Try to find two or three attorneys you see as a good match for your needs. Then, schedule an appointment and talk to them about your case. Talking to more than one professional can help you determine which lawyer is most experienced and knowledgeable about your specific situation.


Depending on the attorney he or she may offer a free initial consultation about your case. This may be done in person or over the phone, and both are good options. Have your documentation on the accident handy and also prepare a list of questions you have about any aspect of your case.

The attorney should, after hearing the facts and your information, be able to give you a general idea of the possible settlement for your case as well as the timeline. They should also be able to explain their costs and fees and give you an estimate on what that would be.

After you have had the consult with the auto accident attorney the Omaha, NE lawyer that you choose will prepare your case. He or she will continue to work with the insurance company to settle your claim and get you the money you deserve.

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