Your Family Orthodontist Can Repair All Types Of Bite Abnormalities

In order to keep your teeth healthy, it is important you visit your dentist at least twice a year. If you have children, you should schedule their first dental visit as soon as their primary teeth begin growing in. Those early visits are essential to proper dental health. In addition to those routine dental exams each year, you should also take your children in for an orthodontic evaluation at around eight years of age. That initial consultation will allow the orthodontist to inspect your child’s teeth, and determine whether there will be a need for future treatment. Should the orthodontist determine that treatment will become necessary, that treatment will usually begin at around 10 years of age. An Orthodontist in Evanston will be able to provide for all your child’s orthodontic needs.

There are several orthodontic abnormalities that can interfere with the proper development of your child’s teeth. When teeth fail to grow in properly, it can cause problems with the bite, or the way that the teeth fit when the mouth is closed. Those bite abnormalities include: over bites, under bites, and open bites.

An over bite occurs when the upper teeth extend out past the bottom teeth when the mouth is closed. This can lead to speech difficulties, and jaw pain. With an under bite, the bottom teeth extend out past the upper teeth. This abnormality can also lead to jaw pain, as well as difficulties with biting, and chewing food. Over bites, and under bites are usually caused by genetics, and can be repaired with the use of orthodontic appliances, such as braces.

An open bite is noticeable due to the open gap that will be apparent when the jaw is clenched tightly shut. Open bites are caused most often by excessive thumb sucking in early childhood. With open bites there can also be a narrowing of the upper palate in the mouth. In order to repair open bites, and narrow palates, the Orthodontist in Evanston may need to use a palatal expander, in addition to traditional orthodontic braces. With proper treatment your child will be able to have straight teeth, and a proper bite. Contact Lippitz Orthodontics for more information.

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