Your Family Dentist in Salisbury, NC and How They Can Help with Root Canals

Soft tissues play an important role in the development and growth of the tooth. But, when this process is complete, the most important function of the pulp is the ability to react to external stimuli such as heat and cold. This ability is essential for screening, because it lets you know if something is wrong and whether you need to consult a dentist. If dental pulp is there and it is healthy, you must take care of it. However, if it is absent, endodontic treatment must be carried out by your family dentist in Salisbury, NC.

Root canal treatment
If the dentist has diagnosed you with pulp necrosis, two approaches are available: either endodontic treatment or outright removal of the infected tooth. It is necessary to do everything to save the tooth first. Remember that nothing can substitute your natural tooth! An endodontic treatment is sometimes performed even when teeth do not show symptoms though. This makes it extremely important to seek dental care if you are experiencing dental pain.

Frequently asked questions
* What is Endodontics?

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that concerns the treatment of diseases of soft tissues and root canals.

* Where do toothaches come from?

A tooth will hurt when the soft tissue inside the tooth is infected or when the tooth is broken. Dental nerves and blood vessels are responsible for toothaches.

* What should you do when you have a toothache?

The only solution is to consult your family dentist in Salisbury, NC to begin endodontic treatment.

* Is it better to treat a tooth or pull it?

Extraction of the affected tooth is always the last solution. There is no substitute for a tooth. There is no prosthesis that can replace your natural teeth. The avulsion of the tooth is a last resort.

* My tooth is swollen, but I do not know why. Why is this?

Swelling appearing on one side is a sign of the presence of a fistula (abscess). A greater or lesser amount of yellowish pus may sometimes flow through the fistula, but more often than not, pain will not be present.

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