Your Car’s Check Engine Light: Why It Comes on and How We Can Help

With every passing year, cars get more powerful, more advanced and more efficient. They’re getting more complex as well; where mechanical and electrical components used to do the job, computer systems are taking over. Just like everything else, though, vehicle parts wear out. The only way your vehicle can tell you what’s wrong is with a “check engine” or “service engine soon” light. Though your vehicle may seem to run fine, driving with the check engine light on isn’t a good thing. If yours comes on, bring it in for auto repair in Phoenix, AZ, as soon as possible.

Your check engine light glows steadily or blinks depending on the problem. A flashing light indicates serious troubles within your engine, where a steadily illuminated one means the issue is less urgent. No matter how (or why) the light is on, addressing the issue immediately will help you save money and minimize the risk of further engine damage.

Experienced technicians, with their advanced tools and reliable diagnostic methods, can easily find the cause of the problem and fix it correctly the first time. Once the necessary repairs have been done and the diagnostic trouble codes have been cleared from the car’s computer, you’ll get back on the road safely, reliably and efficiently.

For our customers in the Phoenix, Tempe and Chandler areas, an illuminated check engine light may seem like a complete mystery. Not everyone has the knowledge and skill to perform their own repairs, but you shouldn’t drive around with the light on. The team can resolve the issues behind the check engine light, whether it stays on continuously or it’s flashing. Visit us at or call Dynasty Collision today to schedule diagnostic services and auto repair in Phoenix, AZ.

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