Nov 9, 2016

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You Don’t Have To Suffer From A Wet Basement

You Don’t Have To Suffer From A Wet Basement

When you go downstairs to your basement and you notice a puddle or dampness it’s never a happy occurrence. Your basement has a leak that could be causing mold and mildew to grow. You need to get the leak fixed and have your basement waterproofed. It’s time to call the experts for solutions for waterproofing the basement in Massachusetts. They will discuss realistic solutions with you so you get the waterproofing services you need at prices you can afford.

Top Waterproofing Methods that Work

There are a few waterproofing methods considered to be the top methods for waterproofing your basement. Polyurethane injections and epoxy are reliable injections that are used to fill in wall cracks of poured foundation walls. It doesn’t work very well for other wall cracks, however. You may require hydraulic cement to be installed where walls meet the floor. It is not known to be a permanent waterproofing solution, but it does set fast and adheres to existing concrete so it is a great short term repair. A baseboard system could also be used. The idea behind such a system is that when water comes in where the floor meets the wall, the baseboard system will channel it in an above-ground system mounted to the basement floor with epoxy. This type of system works well on the perimeter only.

Let the Experts Inspect Your Basement and Provide the Appropriate Waterproofing Solution

In order to determine exactly which waterproofing solution will work best for a home an inspection must be completed. Depending on where the leak is, different solutions work better for different problems. While one solution may work for a particular area of the basement it may not work well for others. This is why it is imperative that you let the professionals handle any and all of your leak problems and waterproofing solutions. They have the expertise, equipment, certification, and tools needed to fix the problem right the first time. Contact Basement Technologies for more details. Follow us on Google+.

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