You Do Not Have to Tolerate Sexual Harassment

Despite the fact that a co-worker or even an employer may have tried to convince you otherwise, you do not have to put up with sexual harassment in the workplace. In fact, if you have been subjected to such unfortunate circumstances, you should consult with lawyers in the Springfield, MA, area as soon as possible. Your lawyers can investigate your case to determine whether or not you have a legitimate sexual harassment lawsuit in which you may be able to obtain compensation for the damages you have sustained.

The law says that employees have the right to work in an environment that is free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can include requests for sex that imply that your job will be on the line unless you comply. However, anytime you must endure comments about your body, uninvited physical contact, sexual advances, or even crude jokes, whether or not these are made with reference to your employment, can constitute sexual harassment. Because sexual harassment can constitute such a wide range of situations, it is important to meet with your lawyers so that they can ascertain which instances of an unfavorable work situation may have involved sexual harassment.

If you have been harassed, your lawyers will assist you in your efforts to pursue whatever remuneration for which you may be eligible. For example, a waitress who was continuously harassed at her job by restaurant cooks recently received a sizeable settlement. The owner of the restaurant was required to pay the waitress after it was proven that he had allowed female employees to be sexually harassed and did nothing to stop it. When the waitresses complained about the unfavorable working conditions, they were fired. The waitress who received the settlement was the only one who filed a harassment claim.

Your sexual harassment lawyers in Springfield, MA, can help you if you are entitled to a settlement too. Your lawyers will do whatever it takes to ensure that your rights are upheld and protected throughout every aspect of your case. In addition, they will provide you with the aggressive representation and the sound legal counsel that will be necessary to bring those responsible for the sexual harassment to whatever justice may be due.

You have already been victimized by sexual harassment once, your lawyers in the Springfield, MA, will pursue every available avenue to make sure that you are not victimized again as you seek to recoup the compensation that you may be due because of the harassment that you have had to endure. Contact knowledgeable and experienced sexual harassment lawyers in Springfield, MA to get the help you deserve.

If you have been subjected to unwanted advances, comments about your body, or unwanted physical contact while at your workplace, Law Office of Michael O. Shea, P.C. may be able to help you in your efforts to recover damages.

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