May 7, 2013

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You can Rely on the Pediatric Urgent Medical Care in Suffolk County

It makes every parent’s heart race and their blood run cold, the sound of your child in pain. It happens to all children, they are outside playing in the backyard and they do something crazy, like jump off the swing and land wrong, hurting their ankle. This is one of the times when your regular family doctor doesn’t have the availability that is needed for your child’s urgent medical situation, and going to the emergency room is overkill, so where can you take your child for Pediatric Urgent Medical Care Suffolk County?

When you are selecting an alternate health care provider, you want to take your child to the best doctor possible and there is a local medical clinic that is staffed by board certified emergency room physicians. Experienced emergency room doctors that have seen and handled all manner of cases and know how to rapidly assess a situation and start appropriate treatment.

Besides ordinary swing set mishaps they treat a wide variety of other medical issues, including allergies, sinus infection (sinusitis), colds, flu, asthma,general pain, rashes, stomach aches, eye injuries, burns, and strep or sore throat. The clinic has state of the art technology in house to treat a wide selection of other medical concerns, using digital X-ray, EKG, rapid lab test results and computer printed prescriptions and instructions for safer and easier to follow aftercare directions. Using this technology the physicians can treat fractures, pneumonia, collect a specimen and determine which antibiotic to prescribe to quickly remedy the infection and to diagnose and treat other types of injuries. Animal bites, falls, abrasions, foreign bodies, splinters, ear injuries, cuts and lacerations are all well within the doctor’s scope of care.

The Pediatric Urgent Medical Care Suffolk County also provides non-urgent services, such as vaccines for Hepatitis A & B, Tetanus, Flu shots, TB testing and travel immunizations. The doctors also perform work related care, including pre-employment physicals, drug and alcohol screening, OSHA, DOT, executive and routine physicals.

When your child decides to play Superman and jump off the swing, there is always the Pediatric Urgent Medical Care Clinic’s amazing emergency room physicians there to assess and treat whatever type of injury that your little one sustained, whether it is big or small, the doctors there do it all, and that knowledge should make our hearts slow down and the blood warm back up to normal temperature.

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