Jul 17, 2013

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You Can Get A Range Of Services From Mechanics Cooperative Bank In Swansea

If you are like many people who watched the national financial drama of the past few years, you are probably feeling less inclined than ever to trust your money and your future to the care of major national banks. Instead, you may be tempted to try to hold onto cash or avoid the banking system altogether. There is an intermediate level, though, where you don’t have to take such extreme steps but you can still get away from those institutions. By banking with a local options, such as Mechanics Cooperative Bank Swansea, you can get a range of services while avoiding the big institutions that have proven to be untrustworthy.

Mechanics Cooperative Bank strives to meet all of the banking needs of its customers. They provide personal checking and savings, business accounts, and a variety of loan options. You can even get a mortgage or take out a home equity line of credit. Almost anything that you have gone to other institutions for in the past, they can provide. The difference is that they are run by people who live and work in your own community. You will have the extra confidence of knowing that the big decisions are being made by someone who actually knows who you are and may even regularly pass you on the street.

They also work to improve their services over time as the needs of their customers continue to change. Since they now have so many people coming in who rely on their smart phones to perform a wide variety of tasks, they have added mobile banking to their range of options. Whether you personally want to be able to sit down and check your balance through the screen of your mobile phone or not, you will have that option. They also took extensive steps to make sure that the entire process is secure, so that no one has to worry about their financial information.

Mechanics Cooperative Bank Swansea is a local option that takes a real interest in the community. In fact, the bank pledges 10% of its net income each year to non-profit organizations in the area. If you want to do your banking with someone who is actively working to make your life and your community better, this is the place to go.



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