“You Auto Know” about Auto Accidents: A Quick Guide for Baltimore Residents

Baltimore is host to over three million fender bender every year, the second highest record (second only to Washington D.C.) in the United States. If you haven’t been in an auto accident in Maryland’s “Home of the Baltimore Ravens,” you are an anomaly!

An auto accident in Baltimore is one of the more stressful experiences available in our increasingly fast-paced society. Do you know what to do so that you can be as prepared as possible, should you find yourself in the middle of the chaos that comes with an auto accident?

I’m OK, You’re OK – Worry about the safety of the people first. No matter what happens later, helping each other comes first. No steps should be taken until it has been established that everyone is essentially okay and injuries are minor or nonexistent. If anyone is seriously hurt, it’s time to dial 911.

Call the Police – Maybe you were crashed into by a really sweet nun who says her cousin’s auto shop will fix everything for free. While this sounds like the deal of the century, it’s better to call the local Baltimore police so that an official police report of the auto accident will be filed. If you do end up going to the insurance company, you’ll need that police report.

Be Pragmatic – Be courteous and polite, but do refrain from apologizing, which sounds really selfish, even if you feel it was your fault. Saying you’re sorry could be perceived as an admission of liability in court. Just do your best to acknowledge the auto accident without pointing any fingers, moving toward collecting information. It’s best to wait until the police come to talk about what happened at all.

Collect Information– Names of bystanders and witnesses, cell phone photos, notes of all damages and how they happened, sustained injuries, all of these things are extremely useful whether it’s a small or large auto accident. You will have evidence to use in a court of law, should things get more complicated.

Call Your Insurance Company Immediately – Okay, so the nun didn’t hit you, it was you who crashed into the nun! Nevertheless, your insurance company needs to know about it. Take the bull by the horns and send in your report.

Get a Lawyer – If your insurance company starts pulling shenanigans, or the nun decides to sue you, your best bet is to get yourself an attorney who can give you the best in legal counsel for auto accidents in Baltimore.

Jack J. Schmerling, Attorney at Law has been representing citizens of Baltimore and surrounding cities in Maryland for over 25 years. He specializes in helping clients who have been injured in auto accidents.

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