Aug 28, 2017

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You And Your Estate Planning Lawyer Are A Team

When it comes time for you to engage an estate planning lawyer, it is extremely important that both the lawyer and you should work closely together to ensure the desired outcome. Your estate planning lawyer in Fountain Valley will explain your options in language you can understand, estimate the cost of the legal work involved and treat any and all decisions made with respect and maintain complete confidentiality.

Your job is, to be honest and forthcoming:

Your lawyer does not know you, to ensure that he or she can develop the best estate plan for you and your immediate family members it is up to you to provide your lawyer with detailed insight into your financial position and arrangements. Your lawyer must be fully aware of everything you own, its value and more.

To do the best possible job, you may have to share intimate details of your life with your lawyer. You may wish to distribute your estate equally among your children, but there may be one that poses problems. Your lawyer will have invariably been faced with issues like this before and will have suggestions on how to handle even the most difficult situations. If the child in question is not good with money, the solution may be to establish a trust, naming another person to administer the trust and manage the money for the sake of the child.

You can help:

There is absolutely no good reason for you to pay your estate planning lawyer in Fountain valley to do tasks that do not require his or her legal acumen. You can save money by gathering any and all documents that will be required; property deeds, divorce actions, insurances and retirement accounts.

Don’t be intimidated by the process; you can feel comfortable in asking your estate planning lawyer any questions you want, when you are both on “the same page” the process will go much smoother, and the results will be much better.

Your estate planning lawyer in Fountain valley will appreciate your taking an active part in developing your estate plan. To discuss your situation in detail, you are invited to contact The Law Offices of Norman J. Homen.

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