Jan 2, 2014

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Yellow Cab in Minneapolis is Changing the Way You Hail a Cab

When you don’t have the use of a vehicle, it’s a little like when you were grounded as a child and that isn’t pleasant. You’re a responsible adult with a job, appointments to keep, errands to run, shopping to do and a host of other tasks that require transportation. A reliable taxi service can help you regain some of your freedom and these days, electronically hailing a cab is only a matter of a few taps on your smart phone or tablet, a few mouse clicks on your computer, or an automated phone call. You can request a ride now, or book one for next week. It’s a great use of current technology and Yellow Cab in Minneapolis is glad to be able to offer it as one of their services.

This new system for securing a taxi through your smart phone has some very useful and practical features, including the ability to specify your most common pickup and drop-off points for future reference, being able to get an estimate of what your trip will cost ahead of time, and the ability to actually track your cab as it comes to pick you up. To ensure a short wait time, the system will determine your position through GPS and find the cab that is closest to you. A version of this application is available for use on your laptop or desktop computer, too.

Yellow Cab in Minneapolis can assist you in other ways when you need a ride, in addition to the iHail app; CabTxt will allow you to set up a profile so that you can text a number, specify a pickup location and have a cab dispatched to you. You can also get a status update on the location of your cab as you wait. By setting up the CabCall service you can call a number and request a ride without having to speak to a representative or being placed on hold. You can also call back to check on the current location of your cab. Your business can also take advantage of the corporate account online tool which lets you set up more common trips at a pre-determined price and receive email invoices with detailed information on each trip.

Being without your vehicle doesn’t mean that you have to be “grounded”. New technology will help you get a ride whenever you need one.


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