When companies operate in a multinational format, and trade reaches not only across countries, but across oceans and nations, then businesses need legal transcription from an experienced translation company. If your company does business with foreign countries, then you’re putting yourself and your business at risk if you do not accurately translate legal documents pertaining to your business and its practices.

Certification Matters

Anyone can claim to translate documents or speech, but certification adds an extra layer of security. Statements are signed by the translator, a representative of the company, and notarized. These statements that the translator or a representative of the translation company believes that the translations are true and accurate in reference to the source text. These types of certified translations are a must when dealing with government agencies and courts, but also when signing typical business contracts and insurance documents. Not all translation companies offer these outside of legal services, but it is best business practice to offer these kinds of certified statements after each transaction, no matter what type of translation has been done.

Go With A Professional Translation Company

Translating to and from English is only part of translation services. You may encounter situations in your trade that require, for instance, translations from Korean to French, or Hindi to Russian – then on top of that you may need English translations of those other documents. Your business is too important to trust to machine based translation. Only native speakers will fully understand the local glossary and be able to accurately convey accurate meanings. Whether you need just standard business communications or legal transcription, you have to go with someone you trust and that has experience. Your business is too important for anything to become lost in the translation.

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