Dec 6, 2013

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Woodstock Social Security Lawyers: How To Select One

When someone is applying for disability or someone has applied for it and been denied they are often told they should consider sorting through the local Woodstock Social Security lawyers in order to hire one. Naturally, these same people wonder why they would need to hire a lawyer for this process. Chances are pretty good you did not apply for social security benefits just because you felt like it. Most people apply for them because they need them and because they think they deserve them. Looking through Woodstock Social Security lawyers in order to select one to hire is how you increase your chances of winning your benefits.

Why Should You Hire One?

A disability lawyer is not going to charge you any money unless they win your case. A disability lawyer is only going to ask for 25 percent of any back pay award you might receive in addition to the settlement. A disability lawyer will never charge you a fee on future payments you receive for disability. They just charge a contingency fee on the settlement and they are entitled to up to 25 percent of any back pay award.

Make Sure They Are Ready

When you are hiring a social security attorney, you need to make sure they are ready to handle your case with smoking guns. Your case could end up going to Federal Court and you cannot afford to waste any time. The longer you take to sue for your benefits the more money it could cost you in your back pay award.

If your disability appeal case is going to Federal court you should not even consider not hiring a lawyer. You are not going to be able to handle the process of a federal case on your own. Furthermore the judge is not likely to take you very seriously without a lawyer. Furthermore, you cannot just hire any lawyer when it goes to Federal Court. You have to hire an experienced social security lawyer that is going to know how to handle your case at that level. Some lawyers just do not have that kind of experience.



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