Wondering Where On Your Property To Place Your Shed? 3 Tips For Proper Placement

So you’re ready to consider Quaker style sheds for the backyard. You’ve chosen one that doesn’t clash with the style of your house. It’s big enough to store the outdoor furnishings through the winter, as well as house the riding lawn mower, leaf blower, and snow blower. Now all you have to do is place your shed properly on your property. Here are three tips for proper placement.

1. Location

If your shed’s purpose will be to store gardening equipment or for potting plants, then the shed shouldn’t block the light to the garden. If you live where snow is frequent, then the shed should be placed close to the house and/or driveway and walkways. It wouldn’t make sense to schlepp through the snowy yard to the shed only to return to clear the driveway and walkways.

Some homeowners use sheds as pool houses for drying off before coming indoors. You’ll want the shed close to the pool to eliminate tracking grass clippings into the house on wet feet.

2. Lifespan

Some properties have wet spots due to improper drainage. Sloping properties are tough places to locate a shed due to the wet spots. Other properties have trees that drop branches on sheds during storms or shrubbery that can scratch them. Place your shed out of reach of these, and you are more likely to enjoy your shed for many more years.

3. Utilities

Homeowners can call their local utility companies to ask whether utility lines are buried on their property. Once they know this, it’s an easy matter of placing their Quaker style sheds away from the buried lines.

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