Mar 29, 2016

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Women and Risks of Alcohol Abuse

Women and Risks of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is a substance that many people feel is harmless or just something to drink socially or conduct business over, but for other people, alcohol causes serious and debilitating problems that require professional help in the form of alcohol rehab. Alcohol is a drug that affects every organ, especially the brain.

When it comes to the effects of alcohol abuse, women are at an even greater risk, along with their unborn children if they are pregnant and drinking. A woman’s body reacts differently than a man’s to alcohol for several reasons.

Women are at Greater Risk for Alcohol Problems

Believe it or not, women do face more risks than men if they drink too much alcohol. For one thing, most women weigh less, so it takes less of it to affect them. Plus, science shows that women’s bodies have less water content, so if they drink, the alcohol can affect them more for this reason as well.

Women are more likely to get liver damage, heart disease or breast cancer from as little as one drink a day compared to non-drinking women. The reality is that statistics show that nearly half of adult women reported drinking some sort of alcohol in the last month, and 12 percent of them binge drink at least five or more drinks at a time.

If a woman is drinking while pregnant, she not only harms herself, but also her unborn child. Among a number of complications, alcohol can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which can result in underdevelopment both physically and cognitively.

Treating Alcoholism Has Changed Over the Years

These days, treating alcoholism in both men and women has changed dramatically. Now, instead of berating alcoholics, we have programs like detoxing, clinics made especially for alcohol abuse, etc. For instance, alcohol rehab in Malibu has ensured that thousands of women and men have recovered from alcoholism and have gone on to have successful alcohol free lives through a strategy of emotional and medical support.

Proper programs for alcohol rehab are designed to help each person with their own particular issues and special doctors are provided. Their withdrawals are treated with proper medication, and they are supervised for their own safety. Plus, when the program is through, they get aftercare.

The bottom line is that alcoholism is a disease and it should be treated as such. Whatever your gender, you should get the help you need via alcohol rehab.

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