Aug 1, 2015

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Winter Is A Great Time For Re-Roofs In Centennial CO

Typically, when considering Re-Roofs Centennial CO, people wait until the winter has passed. The reason for this is because winter tends to do a lot of damage due to the extreme temperatures and frozen precipitation. However, another great time to get that roof replaced is in the dead of winter. The prices are typically much lower, the service is much faster, and problems are quite often caught before they develop into something more serious.

Get The Job Done Quickly

Being that the winters are so harsh, Re-Roofs Centennial CO usually slow down. The reason being is that homeowners don’t think roofing contractors will be working over the winter, and this leaves these professionals with a lot of downtime. The fact of the matter is that roofers look for and take work all year round. In many cases, it’s easier for them to work in colder temperatures than it is during extremely hot summer days. If a homeowner wants a roof completed quickly, winter is the best season for it.

Save A Lot Of Money

Saving a bit of money never hurt anyone, especially with how the economy has looked since the turn of the century. If a homeowner decides to get a re-roof completed during the winter, they will typically receive deep discounts. During winter, work comes much more slowly for roofing contractors, so it is normal for them to offer cheaper prices for the same amount of work. When a service isn’t in demand, the price typically drops.

Damage Accumulates Quickly During Winter

Shingles take an absolute battering during the winter months. This is when a small, nagging issue can develop into a massive one. First, there is the snow, sleet, and freezing rain. This frozen precipitation, in and of itself, is enough to wear a roof out. Then there are temperatures that fluctuate from below freezing to above, and this freezing and thawing wreaks havoc on a roof. Professional contractors can catch these issues before they develop into larger problems, and stop moisture from seeping into the home and causing extensive damage.

Roofing seems like a spring or summer job, and typically it is. But the fact of the matter is that roofers can and do work over the winter. For more information on getting a roof repaired or replaced, have a look at website name.

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