Nov 20, 2014

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Why Your Shovel Is A Garden Tool You Don’t Want To Ignore

When you are doing chores around the yard or on your property you want to have the right tools for the right job. Your shovel is a garden tool that you probably don’t think a lot about until you have to dig into hard, packed soil that seems impossible to penetrate.

When your shovel, a garden tool standard item, doesn’t seem to be able to get through the soil all of a sudden it becomes a big problem. This is particularly true in packed soils, including clay based soils, where traditional types of shovels or spades simply don’t provide the digging tool that you really need.

The Problem with Traditional Garden Digging Tools

When it comes to the traditional shovel, garden tools really haven’t evolved through centuries of use. True, the traditional wide mouthed scoop shovel is already ideal for shoveling volumes of material, when it comes to digging most of the traditional spades are ineffective in many soil types.

A spade that is the traditional pointed shape with symmetrical rounded sides is an ideal tool for digging in soil that is already very loose. Sand and loamy soils are a great example of a perfect soil for a spade. However, with any type of packed soils such as the denser clays or rocky soils, a spade is difficult to dig with and may not provide the penetration that you need.

The Better Option for a Shovel Garden Tool

A much needed revamping of the traditional garden digging tools is now available in the form of a state of the art digging shovel. Designed to have a slightly offset, pronounced digging point and special shape for enhanced slicing through the ground this shovel can make short work of even the most packed soil.

You will immediately notice that digging weeds, planting trees and landscaping takes a lot less time and effort. Your back, legs and your shoulders will definitely thank you for switching to this shovel.

It is also the perfect choice for digging through roots, which is more than a traditional spade is going to handle under the best conditions. By using this revolutionary new shovel design by Earth Talon you will find that no job is too much for this well-engineered tool.


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