Why Your Company Needs Machine Tool Builders

Companies specializing in machine tool building are experts in building, assembling and integrating components and systems for both stand alone and multi-station automated machine tool systems. This expertise is applied in all areas of manufacturing, including processing, fabricating and assembly, and across a wide range of industries from aerospace to automotive and general engineering.

Machine tool builders focus on modernizing or recalibrating your existing machinery and custom designing and building new machines, as well as supplying Computer Numerical Control (CNC) parts. These parts include, among others, grinders, lathes, mills and routers.

Don’t Replace – Rebuild or Recontrol
Many existing CNC machines were built up to 50 years ago, in the 60s, 70s and 80s. In many cases, they are still running well, but could perform better and more efficiently if they underwent a rebuild or recontrol. This is considerably less expensive than replacing the entire machine, and results in shorter downtimes, thus reducing costs on all sides.

What is a Recontrol?
A partial, or even complete recontrol can be carried out on your plant floor. The upgrade to new, modern controls will, in most cases, result in the production of better quality parts in a shorter amount of time.

Many older machines already have ballscrews and drive motors, which means it is much easier to upgrade them to new generation controls. Maintenance on these parts, as well as on the bearings, hoses and wiring harnesses can be carried out at the same time as the recontrol. The whole process is straightforward, fast and inexpensive – especially when compared to the alternative: buying a new machine.

What is a Rebuild?
Machine tool builders can also rebuild your machine – much like a mechanic will rebuild the engine of a car. During this process, every active component is upgraded and every mechanical piece carefully examined, before being repaired or, if necessary, replaced.

Panel building and wiring practices are of paramount experience, and new wiring is usually installed during a rebuild, along with new, custom-made hydraulic lines. To increase accuracy and efficiency, the drive trains are shortened and the CNC is installed and fine-tuned to ensure optimum performance.

Come to the Experts
Kaufman Manufacturing Company is a machine tool building company that has been designing and building machines for a wide variety of applications for over 85 years. Visit us at http://www.kaufmanmfg.com to see how we put this experience into practice.


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