Why You’ll Love Having T-Shirts Screen Printed

As you’re choosing t-shirts for your organization, you’re sure to find that there are plenty of options for your logo and designs. One option you definitely want to take advantage of is screen printing your t-shirts, rather than choosing iron-on or other t-shirt options. There are five advantages to having your t-shirts screen-printed.

1. The options are endless. No matter your color choices or the intricacy of your design, your shirts can be screen-printed. You can choose a larger design for the front of your shirt, as well as something smaller for another area of the shirt, such as the sleeve if you desire. Your designer at your screen-printing company will work with you to create a shirt you’ll be proud to wear.

2. It’s professional, yet affordable. Most organizations are looking for a t-shirt option that is affordable for everyone in the organization. Screen-printing t-shirts is the best way to get a shirt that looks great at a price that won’t break the bank. In fact, screen printed t-shirts are so affordable that these can be used as a fundraising item. When you buy in bulk, you can get the shirts at a price that makes it easy to markup for profit and still get sales.

3. You’ll get professional service. Your professional screen-printing company can give you plenty of advice on how to make your shirt look great and keep the cost low. They will work within your budget to help you get the shirt you want at a great price.

4. You can get your shirts quickly. One of the advantages of choosing screen-printing for your t-shirts is that you can get your shirts quickly without incurring rush charges.

5. It’s a great advertising item. Screen-printing t-shirts for your business is an inexpensive and effective advertising strategy. When people see your t-shirts out and about on a regular basis, it creates name recognition in your market. The next time this person needs the service you provide, he will automatically think of your company because he has seen the name around town. There are very few advertising strategies that work so well for such a small investment.

Don’t hesitate to get screen printed t-shirts for your business or organization on a regular basis. You’ll find screen-printing t-shirts to be an easy, affordable, and effective way to get your organization’s name to the public.

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