Why You Should Switch to the Menstrual Cup Before Your Next Cycle

It is no secret that traditional feminine hygiene products are destroying the female body. And while there have been plenty of failed attempts to combat this issue, menstrual cups have proven to be a worthy solution. Here is why you should give them a go.

They Are Non-Toxic

So many women suffer from infertility and various other vaginal ailments due to the many toxins that traditional pads and tampons contain. These toxic ingredients include but are not limited to bleach, dye, latex, and BPA, all things that should be kept far away from your lady parts. The best period cup, however, is free from anything that can cause harm to the vagina, maintaining its healthy PH balance.

They Hold More Liquid

If you have heavy cycles or could do without the frequent bathroom check-ups, the best period cup is perfect for you. These cups are super absorbent and can hold about three times the liquid as most super tampons. This means that you can go a full 12 hours before having to empty it out.

They Are Super Durable

Gone are the days in which sanitary pads were a monthly expense. One menstrual cup can last you practically a lifetime, or at least close to it. Some people prefer to change them annually, but as they are built to weather some pretty tough storms, these cups can hold up for about 10 years.

Menstrual cups are a blessing to not only your vagina but to the environment as well. Made up of eco-friendly products, you can make the world a better place with each cycle.

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