Jan 3, 2014

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Why You Should Purchase Flood Insurance Houston, TX

Insurance is one of those factors that you don’t think about until you need it. Like the old adage “you don’t miss your water until your well runs dry,” you don’t notice your insurance until you realize you are not insured. Even worse, you are insured, but you don’t have the RIGHT COVERAGE. This is where the Sal Ortiz Allstate Insurance Agency comes in. They sell affordable insurance solutions in Spring, Texas, Humble, Texas and the surrounding areas. More to the point, they sell Flood Insurance Houston, Texas. They want to tell you why flood insurance is important for you to have and what you things you should know before a flood occurs.

Many homeowners think their regular insurance will cover their home in the event of a flood, and as a lot of homeowners unfortunately found out during Hurricane Sandy, there simply was no coverage for that. Homeowners in various parts of the Greater Houston area are well aware of the vast need to have adequate insurance coverage in case of floods. In January of 2012, Sugar Land, Texas had accumulated over 5 inches of rain in a short amount of time. When the floating garbage began to clog and block the sewers, neighborhoods quickly gave way to flooding.

It is important to have flood insurance for your home and Sal Ortiz Allstate Insurance Agency will help you go over your many options. In the meantime, these are the things you should have on hand in case of a flood:

Keep an inventory of all your assets by emailing a list to yourself, including photos.
Get important documents such as insurance policies, tax records, etc. and store in a safe place.
Know what your policy covers and its limitations.

Sal Ortiz Allstate Insurance Agency sells homeowners’ insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, including recreational vehicles and watercraft, renters’ insurance, windstorm insurance, health insurance such as dental and vision, flood insurance, commercial insurance and many other financial products. They serve Houston and all of Harris and Montgomery Counties like Humble, Cypress and North Houston.


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