Mar 13, 2014

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Why You Should Buy an ASUS Motherboard

ASUS has commanded nearly 40% of the market for motherboard business and is the most prominent motherboard manufacturer in the world. Twenty-four million motherboards have been sold since 2008, making ASUS one of the leaders in the motherboard market.  ASUS utilizes one of the hardest working and innovative Development and Research teams. Their efforts have pushed the boundaries of modernization to incorporate technologies that are industry standards such as power efficiency, over-clock-ability, and stability. These mainboard milestone developments include impressive factors that make ASUS top-notch motherboard distributors.

ASUS Power and Energy

A new revolutionary 16-phase design for power uses real hardware regulation to give candid power efficiency of 96% over the competition. ASUS motherboards using this muscle will pull less power and function at lower temperatures while delivering an optimized performance. You will save money using such power efficient components with reduced temperatures inside your PC case. This also helps extend the life of core components of a PC, such as the motherboard itself and the CPU.  The exclusive EPU manufactured by ASUS is a hardware component that controls the following mechanisms; the CPU system fan, VGA card, hard drives, memory, chipset and CPU itself. This EPU intelligence is able to identify and select the CPU profile that is correct and calibrates the best settings possible to provide optimal power management.

RAID Solutions, Rapid Bootups and TweakIt

A RAID solution engineered by ASUS called Drive Xpert, is ideal for those who want to enhance their hard disk performance with no need to install other drivers or change settings while securing data on their hard drives. Other systems require that a user tweaks BIOS settings, which can be a hassle. Users are able to easily organize their hard drive backups and improve transfer rates for hard drive in a series of simple stages. ASUS has also invented and incorporated Express Gate, a system that enables the system to boot up and go online within five seconds. Quick internet access means that users who are in a hurry are capable of logging in to chat on Instant Messengers, check their email and the weather, and still leave their homes on time to reach important destinations. A final motherboard attribute created to build a fast machine in the best time possible to aid over-clockers, is TweakIt. This function enables users to incorporate real time variations to the core frequency, parameters and voltage of the system while using a control much like joystick, which is located on the motherboard. This can be done while benchmark utilities are functioning too. Software is not used for tweaking; it is all hardware-based.

When you are ready to buy an ASUS Motherboard, browse the eSaitech website. With several ASUS motherboards available, you are sure to find the one that fits your computer specs for optimized function and speed.


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