Why You Should Be Switching To Grass-Fed Meat

Consumers everywhere have started wondering about how their food is packaged. They may have turned away from many processed foods, choosing only organic or grass-fed products. It’s important for you to know as much information about vegetables, fruit, and meat. You want to ensure that produce isn’t showered with chemicals and that meat is grass-fed and that no hormones are used because the food you eat impacts your health.


While some people argue that a vegetarian lifestyle is the only way to know what you’re eating, there are some concerns about never eating meat. Beef, poultry, and other meats provide protein and other health benefits that you may not get from eating a vegan or vegetarian meal. While you don’t have to eat meat every day, many prefer to do so because it is filling, delicious and healthy.

It’s A Business

Meat is a business. Farmers make a profit by raising cows, pigs, chickens and more. They must develop and grow quickly so the farmer can sell them or kill them for food. Many times, they crimp corners by feeding their animals grain or injecting them with hormones (or both). They get fully-developed animals quicker and spend less money feeding them.

The problem with this practice is that whatever the animal eats, the humans who consume them eat the same things.


While grain-fed or hormone-fed animals can live unhealthy lifestyles and provide you with substandard sustenance, you’ve got other options. Places like The Meat Store sell organic and grass-fed meats, meaning the animal was treated humanely and was only allowed to eat grass to grow and develop.

That means the meat itself may be less fatty, which means you still get a delicious meal without all the calories and fat associated with red meats.

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