Dec 7, 2016

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Why You Should Always Choose The Funny Motivational Speaker

Why You Should Always Choose The Funny Motivational Speaker

It’s that time again for hosting business meetings, assemblies, and conferences. You already know you’ll need speakers to help smooth the transition from listening to just hearing, but you’re not sure who to choose. It takes time to find speakers for any event, but there are some tips, such as choosing the funny motivational speaker.

Why It Works

Primarily, you’re hoping to engage your audience without having to yell or threaten. The goal here is to help them improve their performances and achieve their objectives, and laughter can help you do that.


The point is that laughter is like a contagion. When one person laughs, it’s hard for others to resist, even if they didn’t hear the joke or didn’t understand it. It’s similar to the yawn mechanism. When you see someone yawning, you want to do it too, and the same applies to laughing.

The whole room can bond over the same jokes and can let their hair down (figuratively) to have some fun. A funny motivational speaker does this with clean jokes and stories that will relate to your audience.

Build Relationships

Likewise, employees will still be laughing the next day (or the dreaded Monday), and will likely talk about it to others while on break or getting some water. They’re building relationships and bonding more, even though the event is over. Even employees who are shy may not be able to hold back when talking about the event.

Fun And Productivity

Some companies are run by a dictator who dislikes anything fun (you’ve probably seen some movies and TV shows that showcase that). However, employees aren’t happy in those situations, and when they’re not happy, they’re not productive, even though they may still be doing their work. They need to have passion and a sense of motivation to be their best at work, and a funny motivational speaker helps to create and enliven that passion.

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