Jan 17, 2014

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Why You Need To Have A 24 Hour Animal Hospital Number In Your Phone

As a pet owner you know that accidents and injuries can happen at any time. Unfortunately they often happen at the worst possible times, especially in the early morning hours, late at night or on holidays. Having the number for a 24 hour animal hospital on hand can make a very difficult situation much easier and may be the difference between your pet’s life and death.

Poisons and Toxins

Dogs, and to a lesser extend cats, can be prone to eating just about anything they find. Dogs and cats are not, unlike the common myth, able to tell what is toxic or not so they often ingest highly toxic materials. Just a few of these can be antifreeze, rotten foods, plant materials, cleaning supplies or even human foods that are poisonous to animals.

Having an animal hospital number in your speed dial list is a must in these situations. Using the wrong type of treatment can actually make the situation much more severe if you don’t understand what you should do. Phoning ahead to the animal hospital will allow you to do the right thing at home while you get your animal to the vet.

Accidents and Injuries

Some of the most devastating and tragic injuries for cats, dogs and other pets are car accidents. Drivers often are not looking for small animals darting out onto the road, resulting in significant injury if the driver cannot stop. Animal hospital staff can assist those that are helping the animal to stabilize the injury or can actually go directly to the scene if possible.

Injuries do to attacks by other animals are also very common and can be very significant. These types of injuries tend to occur if animals get out of yards and fences and are running loose. Often the person reporting the injured animal is not the owner in this case, but the animal hospital can still provide assistance and support.

A 24 hour animal hospital is a true resource for sall pet owners. Always have the number for your local animal hospital on hand in your phone. Hopefully you will never have to use it but if you do it will saves time, stress and possibly the life of your pet.

We are available to serve as the animal hospital for all your pet’s needs. For more information on our services visit our website.

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