Why You Need Commercial Auto Insurance in Chicago

If you drive any type of vehicle for work, whether big or small, having commercial auto insurance is a must. You may make package deliveries, haul loads or even deliver flowers. Regardless of what industry you are in, using a vehicle for business purposes puts you and your business at risk. Even if the vehicle isn’t the primary source of income for your business, it could actually be a source of huge financial loss or even bankrupt your business altogether. As the saying goes, it’s better safe than sorry. Therefore, if you are using your personal or company vehicle for work, it’s time to get commercial auto insurance in Chicago.

Personal Versus Commercial Auto Insurance

If you own or drive a car for personal reasons, you probably know you are legally required to carry insurance on your vehicle. Depending on the options you choose, your policy will likely cover accidents, personal injury protection and underinsured accidents. As you are aware, even if you are responsible for an accident, your insurance company will cover all of the associated costs once you meet your deductible. Commercial auto insurance in Chicago, on the other hand, protects both you and your business from damages related to your vehicle if you were to ever get in an accident, giving you an added layer of protection.

Don’t Take the Risk

Most of us have been involved in an auto accident at some point or another. Many have even been at fault. All it takes is just one second to get in an accident, whether it’s your fault or not.

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