Oct 1, 2015

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Why You Need Building And Pest Inspections?

Why You Need Building And Pest Inspections?

Being the owner of a commercial or residential building means that you will have a certain level of responsibility when it comes to maintaining the property and keeping it pest-free. While you could simply use pesticides, sprays and chemical solutions to banish creatures and critters from the building, it is possible to prevent an infestation altogether with regular building and pest inspections. The aim of an inspection is to monitor and identify the pests, before prevention and control techniques are put into place. Whether it is a school that is infested with roaches or a home being destroyed by termites, taking action at the right time is important for the following reasons.

Prevent Infestations

When an infestation occurs and gets out of hand, it can be a challenge to control it and you could end up spending a lot of money de-pesting the entire property. By getting in touch with a company that specialises in building and pest inspections, you can prevent infestations before they occur. A professional pest control worker will check wires to see if they have been chewed, inspect wood to determine whether or not it has been targeted by a colony of termites and will examine other areas of the home to ensure pests are kept at bay. If there is a sign of a problem, traps might be set or chemical solutions used to stop pests in their tracks.

Reduce the Risks of Structural Damage

There are many pests out there that can really damage the home, if you let them that is. You migh end up spending a considerable amount of money repairing damages caused by pests unless you hire someone to inspect the building. If damage is spotted, the severity of it will be evaluated, before the pest control expert arranges repairs and prevents further problems.

Avoid Allergy Triggers

Did you know that rats bite over 45,000 people every single year? A lot of these rats will carry diseases, which can prove deadly to the victim who has been bit in many cases. Building and pest inspections will make you aware if there is an infestation, or if one is about to occur. Not only can you avoid getting an illness from a pest that carries a disease but also, you can keep your allergies under control with pest management services. When you consider the fact that cockroaches contribute to asthma and stinging insects can cause rashes, it’s important that you hire help.

Structural property damage can be prevented with regular building and pest inspections from RIP Integrated Pest Management Services. To get a quote, call 0402 239 507.


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