Why You Need an Attorney for an Oilfield Accident Injury Claim

Oilfield work environments are easily some of the most dangerous workplaces in the United States. Many times decisions are made that do not comply with OSHA standards and leave employees in serious danger of being injured or even killed in many instances. Explosions are common, and equipment breaks down regularly, commonly to the detriment of the workers. Injuries are covered by workers compensation when the employer actually provides the coverage, but unlike other states, Texas does not require workers compensation protection be provided by employers. This means that workplace injuries are often the responsibility of the oil company, and all damages must be pursued through a standard civil tort lawsuit when the company refuses to pay medical bills and lost wages. This makes it necessary to retain an experienced oilfield accident lawyer in Lubbock, TX, like Kyra K. Blankenship for proper compensation.

Workers Comp Cases

Accidents that are covered by workers compensation will be governed by the rules of the Texas Workforce Commission. Benefits cover all medical bills associated with the accident injuries along with replacement of some lost wages during the rehabilitation period. However, workers compensation law typically exempts employers from general damage injury claims for pain and suffering after the fact. But, when employers have violated any workplace laws or shown evidence of disregarding a reasonable duty of care to their employees, the case could go to court for general damages based on that negligence.

Company Responsibility

Companies that are not insured are still required to provide medical bill coverage and lost wage replacement, but the facts of the case are vital when general damages are calculated and negotiated. Many companies that do not carry workers compensation insurance will still have general liability insurance to insulate them from huge injury settlements, which means you will need comprehensive legal representation for full compensation.

Never attempt handling your on oilfield accident injury claim even if the company complies with their responsibilities. Always call Kyra K. Blankenship Attorney, for comprehensive representation.

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