Why You Need a Professional to Help With Tax Filing Marietta GA

There is a lot of software out there today that allows you to do your own tax filing Marietta GA. However, it is best to hire a professional. There are several reasons that you need the help of a professional.

Your Marital Status Has Changed

Filing your taxes can be more complicated after you get married. You have the option of choosing either married filing jointly or married filing separately. Your accountant will be able to tell you which option is the best for you.

You May Get Audited

It is rare for the Internal Revenue Service to audit people. However, if you don’t do your taxes the correct way, then this can trigger an audit. Your chance of getting audited will be a lot lower if you hire an accountant. The accountants make sure that every I is crossed and T is dotted.

You Have Gone Through a Major Life Change

There are many major life changes that can change the way you do your taxes. This includes things such as having a child, going to college or losing a job. Your accountant can make sure that you can use your life change to either maximize your tax return or minimize your tax liability.

Communicate With the Internal Revenue Service

The Internal Revenue Service is not an organization that you want to go up against on your own. If you receive a letter from them, then this is something that you will have to take seriously. You can reply to the letter. However, if you say the wrong way to the IRS, then this could be used against you. The accountant will make sure that the situation is handled correctly.

If you are in need of tax filing Marietta GA, then you can contact Fricke & Associates, LLC.

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