Why You May Need Equipment to Perform a Cardiac SPECT Exam in New York

When it comes down to it, there are a few different ways to image a patient’s heart. One of the more common ways is to use a cardiac SPECT exam in New York. Proper use of this exam can help detect diseases before they take hold of the patient. They can also help healthcare professionals to examine myocardial perfusion. Learn more about why this type of equipment is needed in a medical setting.

Defining the SPECT Exam

SPECT stands for Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography. In essence, it is a non-invasive way of scanning the body for abnormal myocardial perfusion issues. All in all, this type of exam provides information about the functional capacity of the heart. In most cases, the exam will be performed while the patient is in both a resting and stressed condition. This will provide a thorough look at how the heart is performing in the patient’s daily life.

The Workings of the Scan

There is a specific process behind the cardiac SPECT exam in New York. The equipment will be used to look at the differences between the blood flow at rest and under stress. The resulting images can be compared side-by-side to find out if there are any blockages. They are also helpful in identifying scarring or the state of perfusion. In the end, the SPECT exam will tell doctors how well the heart will function in the future as well.

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