Why You May Be Struggling to Lose Fat Around Your Midsection

It can be difficult to lose belly fat in San Gabriel, CA. Many people work out for several months and still do not see any results. There are several things that can make it difficult for you to lose belly fat.

You Are Not Getting Enough Magnesium

Magnesium is involved in over 300 of the processes that occur in the body. It helps regulate blood sugar. It also helps the heart maintain a steady rhythm. There has also been evidence to suggest that magnesium can help promote weight loss.

Magnesium can help you lose water weight. It can also help lower your blood sugar and insulin levels. You should eat more leafy greens, nuts and beans. You may also want to talk to your doctor about taking a supplement.

You Are Expecting Results Too Soon

Many people think that if they want to get results, then they will have to spend all day in the gym. However, you cannot expect to lose a significant amount of belly fat in just one week. You should take small steps. Spend the next three to six months working on your body.

You Are Working Out Wrong

Many people will run on a treadmill for one hour and expect to lose body fat. Steady-state cardio can help you lose weight at first. However, your metabolism will start to adjust to this, and you will stop losing weight.

There are better ways to lose belly fat. You should make sure that you have weight training in your regimen. Weight training helps you boost your metabolism. You may also want to do high-intensity interval training. HIIT training will help you lose belly fat at a much faster rate than you would if you were to do steady-state cardio.

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