Why Wood Fired Pizza is better than Pizza from a Conventional Oven

For pizza lovers and foodies alike there is often a bit of curiosity on what makes wood fired pizza in Boca Raton better than regular pizza. Aside from the general appearance, there are quite a few differences between pizza that has been wood fired and pizza cooked in a conventional type oven. While the concept is always the same; take raw ingredients, apply heat, and cook. The results and execution of the cooking are quite unique.

Differences in the Crust

In a wood fired oven, the heat generated by the fires underneath the cooking rack is also reflected off as ambient heat from the sides of the oven. This type of heated environment can reach very high temperatures, higher than a conventional type oven, and as a result cooks the entire pizza, crust and all, very quickly. The result is a never soggy crust that is puffed and crispy on the outside, while still being tender and bit chewy on the inside. In conventional type ovens, the crust becomes saturated by the oils of the cheese and sauce and cooks at a lower temperature, so the result can be quite soggy, and result in that sometimes doughy texture and bread-like taste.

Differences in the Toppings

As a result of the lower cooking times and higher temperatures and uniquely heated environment, the toppings on a wood fired pizza are evenly cooked and crisp. Vegetables retain more of their vitamins and aren’t mushy and overcooked. The cheese also cooks differently and instead of slowly melting and releasing all its oils into the crust, it cooks without burning and takes in a trademark smoky flavor that cannot be reproduced in a conventional oven.

Differences in Cooking Times

Wood and coal burning pizza ovens take considerably less time than a conventional oven to cook pizza. The typical size and shape also allows more pizza to be cooked at a time, which means you keep the tasty pies rolling out at a quicker pace.

Differences in Flavor

The most important distinction for pizza that has been in a wood fired oven is that unique flavor that the flames impart. It has a delicate but distinct smokiness that pairs near indescribably well with the textures and deeper flavors of the toppings and crust. Conventional oven-baked pizza on the other hand, is oilier because the oil from the cheese soaks into the crust when the pizza is unevenly cooked.

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