Why Used Industrial Shelving is a Good Option for Your Warehouse?

Having the right storage and retrieval system in your warehouse can make or break a business, but industrial shelving units can come with a high price tag that can be cost prohibitive for many small businesses. Fortunately, companies specialize in used industrial shelving that may be the perfect solution to your warehouse storage problems. Here are a few reasons why used industrial shelving is the best option for your company.

Cost Effective
The primary reason for buying used industrial shelving for your warehouse is to manage the cost of your operation effectively. New storage solutions are a considerable investment for any company, but for a small business, it can be years before you recover your initial outlay.

Used industrial shelving costs a fraction of the price of new while still offering the same quality, efficiency, and flexibility. Companies that sell used industrial shelving only acquire systems that are high-quality and free from damage.

Buying used industrial shelving doesn’t mean you are stuck with the layout and configuration used by another company. Used shelving can be completely customized to suit your warehouse space and type of operation.

The key to finding the right used industrial shelving system for your warehouse is to assess your operation works and what space you have available. Do you run a first in- first out (FIFO) operation? Or do you require long term or high-density storage?

The beauty of used industrial shelving is that is compatible with a vast range of safety and efficiency accessories so you can customize the design to suit your space. Add guard rails or used pallet racking systems to your used industrial shelving units for the most flexible approach to storage and retrieval available.

Space Saving
Poor storage and handling practices can cost a company thousands of dollars due to limited productivity and inefficient organization. Configuring your space and adding ample storage is a sure-fire way to not only optimize your warehouse operation but also boost your bottom line.

However, not all warehouses are laid out the same way, and different businesses require different types of storage. The best storage option is the one that will make the most of the space you have while still being cost effective. Used industrial shelving is the ideal answer to your space saving configuration problems as it allows you to make the most of your vertical space and keeps your inventory easily accessible.

Replacement Parts
Unfortunately, many shelving manufacturers discontinue making specific models or parts or go out of business which can be a hassle for warehouse managers when repairs or extensions need to be made to your current shelving.
One of the benefits of buying used industrial shelving is that companies that sell these systems typically have surplus parts in discontinued models at reasonable prices.

Opportunity to Sell
If you are looking to expand, downsize or need to change your current shelving and storage system, buying used shelving can be an effective way to save money and also recoup some of the money spent by selling your old shelving systems.
Many companies that sell used industrial shelving and rack will often buy other used shelving at a reasonable price if it is in good condition. You can use that money to invest in your business or upgrade your warehouse storage.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Not only can used industrial shelving help you cut costs, but you also have the benefit of reducing your company’s environmental impact. Reusing industrial shelving cuts down on energy used to make and ship materials for shelving. These materials are designed for heavy duty use and heavyweight and large capacity storage so you can be assured that if you purchase used industrial shelving you have a quality product that will last years.

Final Thoughts
The right storage system can significantly boost warehouse productivity and, in turn, profits, but you don’t need to buy brand new shelving for high-quality, heavy duty storage. Used industrial shelving is a cost effective and efficient way to improve your warehouse operation and increase the success of your company.

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