Jan 12, 2017

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Why Use Shop Management Software?

Why Use Shop Management Software?

As cars are becoming more and more advanced, repairs are becoming more and more costly and difficult. This adds to your overhead as a shop owner and increases repair time, which can hurt your customers. One way to help negate some of this is to save time in areas you may not have thought about in the past. One of the best ways to do this is with some type of auto repair management software. There are several advantages of this type of software and it is multipurpose to make using it easier.

What’s so Great About It?

You are probably wondering, “Why should I spend money on something like this?” Well, the answer to that question is simple, it is going to save you time and money. When you are performing a typical repair, you may need to refer back to your shop manuals a number of times depending on the complexity of the repair. After all of this, you will need to note what has been done on the customer’s car and potentially figure out how long the repair took depending on your billing practices. After all of this is done, you could easily add half an hour or more to your repair time. By using an auto repair software, however, you can simply keep a tablet or laptop with you to find information and make notes in real time.

Inventory Management

Another area where a management software can save you time is in inventory. It is all too easy to grab a part and write it down quickly then forget to inventory it later. With a management software that has inventory management included you simply enter the part you are using and the system will withdraw it from inventory. This can save you a substantial amount of time at the end of the month when you have to take inventory since it is already done.

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