Sep 23, 2014

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Why Use Brass Garden Hose Fittings In Your Yard?

It is a given that, if you have a yard, and if you grow anything at all in it, you will certainly have at least one hose pipe. In fact, if you live in a house (as against an apartment), you probably have a hose pipe even if nothing grows at all at your place – you almost certainly have a car and you will need the hose pipe for those times when you actually wash the car yourself (even if you have no plants or lawns to water).

There can be no doubt about it; a goodly number of us are hose pipe owners. But, what thought do we give to this possession? Certainly, none of us are likely to think of it as a prized possession and many of us will hardly pay any attention to it; we simply expect it to be there when we need it. As long as water comes out of the business end when we want it to, we will be happy.

Hose Care, Attention And Accessories

We probably picked up a length of hose off the shelf at a supermarket, garden center or DIY warehouse and price was probably the main deciding factor. Did we consider things like bore size, storage reels or what it was made of? Maybe some of us did but many would not have given even this much thought. Ask the latter if they use Brass Garden Hose Fittings and they might even say that their hose is some sort of green plastic and is definitely not made of brass.


Our hose needs to be connected up to a water supply and it also needs various attachments to be fixed to it. The way in which we attach our hoses to “things” like a faucet or a spray nozzle are called hose fittings and there are quite a number of these available for our garden hoses.

Often, cheap plastic fittings will be available in the same store that we used to buy our length of garden hose and, by and large, these will do the job required of them. However, plastics are not inherently strong and they also have a tendency to break down under the ultra violet rays in sunshine if left out of doors for any considerable length of time. For this reason, Brass Garden Hose Fittings will last considerably longer than the cheap plastic ones.


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