Feb 29, 2016

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Why Use A Bibliography APA Maker

Most people dislike writing reports, especially when they have to do research and reference those sources. It can be difficult to understand why it’s necessary, but that shouldn’t mean you ignore it altogether. Citing your sources is about giving the person who had that thought the credit they’re due. They took the time to write it all out, research it and possibly spent money to get it out there. You don’t have the right to take their information and claim it as yours. However, some people don’t do it to be mean or rude. They just don’t know how to create a works cited page using APA style. However, you have options, as a bibliography maker can be helpful.

What It Does

The APA bibliography maker finds information about the source you used and generates a works cited entry in the proper format. Most websites will provide multiple formatting options, including MLA and Chicago, and will allow you to select from a multitude of sources, such as books, blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines and more.

How It Works

Each generator is different, but usually, they have a short form that you fill out, which includes the type of format and source information, such as type and the author’s name. Most span a few pages, with the next one showing you all the different source options according to what you entered. You can scroll through to find the appropriate one and select it. After waiting a few moments, the entry is generated, and you can copy/paste it into your document.


Again, every generator and website are different. Some will provide you with the service entirely free though they may require you to create a login and sign into your account first. Others will offer the first few entries for free and then require payment of some sort. Others will require that you pay first before being allowed to use the service.

Isn’t It Cheating?

The short answer is no, using a works cited generator is not considered cheating though many teachers frown upon their use because you’re supposed to be learning how to do it yourself. However, if you want to create your works cited page and check them for accuracy, you can use the generator for that, as well.


There are many advantages of using a generator, the first being the ease of use. While you still have to do some work, it is much easier to input source information than it is to figure out how to create the entry.

An APA bibliography maker will help you create an excellent reference page in the proper format. Visit WorksCited 4u today to learn more.

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