Why Upgrade Fluorescent Lighting from T8 to T5?

T8 fluorescent lighting is efficient and saves you money over standard incandescent light. However, if you decide to purchase light socket converter products and change your lighting to T5, you can receive a lot of benefits. Here are some good reasons to consider changing from T8 to T5 soon.

What is the Difference?

To help you understand fluorescent lighting socket sizes, there are three main sizes:

• T5
• T8
• T12

T refers to the “T” shape of the light fixture. T5 has a diameter of 5/8 of an inch. Each number equals an eighth of an inch, and this is why a T5 is 5/8. On the other hand, a T8 has 8 “1/8 inch” measurements, so it is one inch in diameter. A T12 is one and one half inch diameter.

Benefits of T5 Lighting

T5 lights are smaller than T8 lights. They have smaller fixtures so you can get more lights in the same amount of space required for T8. Maybe you have limited ceiling space. Buying light socket converter parts and changing to T5 is usually the best choice.

Light Distribution

When designers and engineers design lighting systems, they sometimes need to focus light in one or several directions. Having smaller fixtures makes it easier to direct lighting in many different directions.


You may want to consider installing high output (HO) T5 lighting in your building. It can give you more light than you had with T8 and you need fewer fixtures. This lowers the cost of installation.

Changing Over

You cannot remove T8 bulbs and install T5 bulbs. The pins do not match up, and you need to use light socket converter parts to retrofit your installation. You may also choose to install new fixtures if the ones you have are outdated or very old.

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