Why Tile May Serve Your Needs Best

When it comes time to choose flooring for a new house or to replace old carpets, wood floors or tiles, the choices are numerous and sometimes difficult to make. Cost, function and aesthetics are all factors that need to be taken into consideration. Given the foregoing, many people choose tile to best suit their flooring needs for a number of reasons.

One of the major benefits choosing tile for your flooring is that it is very versatile. In San Antonio, tile is available in a multiplicity of styles and designs, can be used in any room of the house, indoor or outdoor, and has a plethora of practical and functional qualities combined with aesthetic value that make is a great choice. Ceramic tiles comes in two basic modalities, glazed or unglazed, and it is important to know the difference between them before you seek installation in San Antonio.

Tile made of ceramic materials is the most widespread type used in homes due to its ability to function well in just about any context, whether it provides flooring in the kitchen, living room, pantry or bedroom. If you are looking for glossy flooring that shines as well as protects your floor from interior debris, ceramic tiles are durable, easy to maintain, and provide an aesthetic quality that can fit into the design and décor of just about any home.

Glazed tiles serve two functions: they keep moisture (and other elements) out of the porous tiles themselves, thereby protecting the material, and they provide a gloss that enhances their appearance. Your San Antonio home may already feature glazed tile as a countertop in your kitchen or bathroom because of its high resistance to moisture. Because of the glazed finish, however, care should be taken in maintenance to reduce scratching or damage.

Unglazed tiles are more frequently found in other parts of the home because of their high resistance to damage. They can be used throughout the house, and are more likely than glazed tiles to fit into the decorative design of your home’s interior.

Another type of San Antonio tile made of porcelain may also be glazed or unglazed and used for a variety of purposes. Highly decorative, they may be made to imitate marble or stone, and be used to accommodate your interior design in the foyer of your house, or as a mosaic piece. Other more mundane, less ostentatious uses of porcelain tile may be used in just about any part of your house. Glazed porcelain usually seeks to enhance the exterior glow, while unglazed tiles might be used in places of high traffic.

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