Why the Ford Fiesta Should Be Your Next Car

Millennial are always looking for ways to save money. You cannot blame them. They have been hit harder by this recent economic depression than any other group in the US. Because of this, and other reasons, Millennial are choosing to have children later or not at all. This means most won’t need a family size car and instead would be best suited to a compact like the Ford Fiesta. So, should you be looking for a Ford Fiesta in Bedford Park or your local area?

Fuel Mileage

Nothing else on the road is going to compare to a small compact when it comes to fuel mileage. The 2017 Ford Fiesta, in particular, is rated at up to 31 mpg city and 41 mpg highway. Keep in mind; this is with a gasoline engine, not diesel. This will get you a lot further for a lot less than a large SUV or full-size sedan.


Compact cars today are often around the same size mid-size sedans were back in the early 90s. This is for a good reason since improvements in technology allow them to be more efficient even though they are larger. Gone are the days of the old compact that can fit in the back of a short bed pickup. While it is larger than the compacts of the past, the Fiesta is still small enough to easily maneuver around downtown and squeeze into even the smallest parking spots.


Considering the price, the Ford Fiesta is impressively comfortable. The seats will keep you comfortable and ache free for hours on a long trip or sitting in the morning traffic. Thanks to the small size of the Fiesta, you can easily make your way through heavy city traffic.

If you are looking for a new car, then you should definitely consider a Ford Fiesta. The new models are powerful, efficient, and surprisingly roomy for their size.

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