Nov 21, 2014

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Why Should You Consider Chiropractic for Car Accident Injuries Treatment in St Louis

Neck pain after a car accident is all too common. Many people suffer from a whiplash injury when their head and neck are violently forced forward after a car impact from behind. When this happens the soft tissues in the neck become inflamed and swollen. The bones of the neck often come out of alignment and press on the nerves in the neck, causing pain. If you are suffering from this type of injury it is advisable you seek chiropractic care for Car Accident Injuries Treatment St Louis.

For the first few days after your accident the doctor may advise you to wear a neck mobilizer so your soft tissues can properly heal. During this time the doctor will work to place your cervical vertebrae back in proper alignment and keep them there. This takes an ongoing effort and will result in you needing to be treated weekly until your injuries are healed.

Recovery from a whiplash injury can take weeks or even months. With chiropractic care this time can often be lessened. People who undergo chiropractic care for St Louis Car Accident Injuries Treatment are able to rely less on pain medications, making their recovery period much safer.

The vertebrae are put into their proper position through gentle manipulation of the joints. The chiropractic doctor will work to ensure your vertebrae stay aligned so they do not cause irritation and damage to the nerves in the neck. This can stop your neck pain and headaches.

Cervical manipulations are almost always done along with full spinal manipulations. If your upper vertebrae are out of alignment, chances are your lower bones are as well. Adjusting the entire spinal column can help to relieve the pressure and pain so your body can properly heal.

If you have been involved in a car accident and suffered with injuries contact the Back And Neck Care Center. They will provide you with the treatment you need to not only overcome your pain and mobility issues, but to also heal from your injuries and prevent further damage. Contact them today and schedule your appointment so you can find relief.

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