Apr 2, 2015

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Why Select Gluten Free Croutons

One of the most exciting parts of eating a salad for you may be experiencing the crunch of a garlic-flavored crouton as you bite into those crisp vegetables. Unfortunately, not all croutons on the market are gluten-free, which can pose a problem for individuals with certain health issues or concerns. Gluten free croutons from metropolitan, or croutons that lack this protein present in wheat, give you the freedom to finally enjoy a salad the way you want it-with plenty of croutons-while not jeopardizing your health.

Benefits of Going Gluten-free
The current trend is for manufacturers of food products to bypass the gluten, and for good reason. Some consumers experience gluten intolerance after eating gluten-containing foods. Symptoms of these unpleasant symptoms include bloating, abdominal cramping, flatulence and diarrhea. Many other people-about 18 million in the United States-suffer from gluten sensitivity, which is a less serious form of intolerance of gluten. Even those who do not have issues with gluten may still benefit from reducing their gluten intake. As Gluten Free food has various benefits, some individuals say that they simply feel better physically after doing so. In addition, since many products containing gluten contain a high amount of fat as well as many calories and carbohydrates, people who stop eating gluten actually report losing weight.

Gluten Free Croutons
These croutons are made from bread that is gluten-free. Quality companies use ingredients such as white rice and brown rice flours, sea salt, egg white, honey, arrowroot, and millet in the bread. They also include parsley, pepper, basil, rosemary and fresh garlic in their croutons.

Health Benefits of Croutons
Croutons are a perfect way to spice up a meal because of their texture and unique flavor. However, croutons also offer many health benefits. These nutritious bread pieces are an excellent source of vitamin B, which is essential in helping the human body produce hormones.

Croutons additionally contain important minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Copper, zinc and manganese are also valuable minerals found in croutons. Seasoned gluten free croutons can easily help you add that irresistible crunch back to your salad or soup while simultaneously improving your health.

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