Jul 21, 2015

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Why Resurfacing in Champaign IL Is A Smart Choice

Why Resurfacing in Champaign IL Is A Smart Choice

Most pavement and concrete contractors highly recommend resurfacing on a periodic basis. Parking lots, driveways, roads, and any area where there is regular vehicle and foot traffic are at high risk for degradation over time. This happens for several reasons, with the most significant reason being the composition of the asphalt or concrete. Both asphalt and concrete are made from a combination of materials. The main ingredient in asphalt pavement is actually asphalt, but it also contains aggregates like stone, sand, and fine gravel.

Similarly, cement contains primarily bitumen cement but also has aggregates added. The mixture is bound together by a material known as liquid asphalt. This sticky substance is designed to keep all the materials together for years, however regular wear can quickly diminish the amount of time that the binder will continue to work. Another thing that can impact the lifespan of the liquid asphalt binder is environmental exposure. Constant sun exposure causes not only surface bleaching but also an overall weakening of the binder, which in turn causes the pebbles and sand within the mixture to start working themselves free.

In areas where it is regularly cold or even freezing temperatures, for example in most areas of Illinois, asphalt and cement are particularly vulnerable to degradation. This is due to the fact that the roads are often salted to remove ice and snow, and the salt causes the binder to deteriorate more rapidly than it otherwise would. Resurfacing in Champaign IL must be done more frequently than it is in other places as a result. Any type of pavement should be examined regularly for signs of wear and deterioration.

Loose rocks and gravel are the most obvious sign that it is time for a pavement resurfacing, however there may be some other signs as well. If there are large cracks that can’t be easily filled with injection asphalt or injection cement, resurfacing may be necessary. With smaller cracks that can be fixed via injection, the contractor may recommend sealcoating to prevent the need for resurfacing in the near future. When looking for reliable pavement or concrete Resurfacing in Champaign IL, contact A1 Pavement Maintenance or their Facebook page today!

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