Aug 20, 2014

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Why Regular Septic Tank Pumping in Des Moines Iowa is Important

Most of the people who live in the rural settings have to contend with the septic tank system. Living miles away from the municipal sewer lines leaves them no choice. Septic Tank Pumping in Des Moines Iowa can be a very big challenge. A good number of system owners ignore pumping out their tanks simply because they haven’t experienced problems with them. Unfortunately, this serious misconception can turn out to be very costly.

What these owners don’t know is that the continuous use of the septic tanks forms a sludge layer at the bottom of the tank. It is common for solid materials in the sewers to settle at the base of the tank. Lightweight materials and grease mix to form a scum matter that floats to the septic tank’s surface.

Usually, Septic Tank Pumping in Des Moines Iowa begins with installation of the tank. The best designed septic tanks have the capacity to accommodate sludge for between three and five years. If the level of sludge goes beyond this point, the system becomes an environmental hazard. The increased level of sludge gives sewage less time to settle before vacating the septic tank.

With too much sludge, the solid waste starts to infiltrate the soil absorption system, commonly known as SAS. The solid matter will slowly begin clogging the soil absorption system. When the SAS is unable to absorb liquid at the same rate with which it enters the septic tank, the contaminated waste water bubbles to the surface.

Clearly, regular pumping is a good rule of thumb that prevents solid materials from infiltrating the drain field and blocking soil pores. The frequency of pumping will depend on how much the system is used. However, homes without a garbage disposal should pump their tanks at least once in every three years. Homes with a garbage disposal should do it at least once per year.

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