Why People Crave the Taste of a Good Piece of Hoop Cheese

Old-fashioned Hoop cheese in Macon, GA is one of the most sought-after comfort foods that can be found in homes across the country. People often stock this type of cheese in their pantry to use in their favorite cheesy dish, or simply snack on when they have a craving for something delicious to eat. Due to the short shelf-life the cheese has, it can be challenging to find a place to purchase hoop cheese. A famous but rare treat, you can only find authentic cheese in small grocery shops and specialty restaurants in certain states. This type of cheese has a unique, salty taste and can be found in a mild or sharp flavor.

How It Differs from Other Cheeses

  • Hoop cheese in Macon, GA area is not manufactured by machines and processed.
  • Since the cheese is not aged like other types of cheeses, it has a rubbery texture.
  • Hoop cheese has a salty, nutty flavor because of how it is made.
  • Is created from cow’s milk only and the whey is completely drained before placing it in a mold.
  • When used in cooking, the cheese gives a creamy texture without changing the flavor of the cheese or overpowering the other flavors.

Grab a Slice of Southern Comfort

When you are searching for the unique and delectable taste of hoop cheese, Stripling’s General Store can help quench your craving. Whether you require a small wedge for snacking or a large wheel of the cheese for cooking, they can supply you with the perfect type of cheese you are looking for.

Stripling’s started out over 50 years ago making delicious sausage for their customers. Today, they stock a range of southern comfort foods you can have shipped directly to your doorstep. Just visit their website to find the products you are looking for and place your order to have a delicious wedge of hoop cheese delivered to you.

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