Jul 10, 2015

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Why Monogrammed Baby Blankets Make Great Keepsakes

Many people worldwide can go into their closets and pull out an old blanket, toy or keepsake item from their childhood. This is the exact reason why monogrammed baby blankets make wonderful keepsake gifts. If one is embarrassed to admit that they still have an item from their childhood – they should not be; they are in good company amongst millions of people worldwide.

Memories from Childhood

Some people may think it is silly to hang onto an item like their monogrammed baby blankets for the entirety of their adult lives but for some reason, they seem to hold a great value over anything else in the world. Monogrammed baby blankets and special childhood memories are more cherished no matter what their external condition may look like. Whether they are old and torn up, raggedy or in perfect condition – the value of these keepsake items is, well…invaluable. What this can boil down to is the study of essentialism, which is why many people feel that a lost item can never be replaced. Especially something as special as monogrammed baby blankets. New replacement items will just never hold the same special meaning or value that the original had.

Gifts for Life

With all of that being said, monogrammed baby blankets can also serve a practical purpose in the fact that they keep the baby warm. Not always just offering security, they can be comforting, soothing and cozy all in one. This is something that baby’s all the way into adulthood, will cherish for life.

The Monogram

Monogrammed baby blankets will typically be made of a super soft material and include two or more letters upon them. They are usually embroidered with some type of cotton thread but not limited to that material alone. Monogrammed baby blankets more than likely will be the baby’s personal initials but this may not be the case every time. Included with the monogram may be an intricate design in the background or special logo that will become something special to the person who receives the gift.

Proper Way to Monogram an Item

Monogrammed baby blankets, or anything for that matter, should all be done in a similar fashion. Depending on the sex of the baby will help determine what font or type of lettering/design should be utilized. The letters can all be the same size, signifying the first, middle and then last initial or the last initial may be the largest in the middle, separating the first and middle initials. It may not hurt to ask if other items are going to be monogrammed so everything can match.

Whichever gift is chosen will be a special one and who knows, the child may hang onto the monogrammed baby blankets for many years to come. They may even pass them onto their children or share similar ideas. Visit the website of GoToBaby for a wide collection of monogrammed baby blankets. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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