May 28, 2013

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Why Manufacture a Plastic Product Instead of Metal?

In nearly every industry, the widespread adoption of plastic product manufacturing has replaced many traditional metal products. While there are of course still certain applications for which metal fabrication is optimal, new types of synthetic plastic polymers are being developed every day to replace metal with a more versatile, cost effective plastic alternative. The benefits of these plastics solutions to both the producer and end user are vast and include the product life, strength and appearance.

Improved Product Life

At first, it may seem counter-intuitive for a plastic product to last longer than a metal version of the same thing. Think, however, about how that metal product may hold up when left outside or in high humidity conditions. Plastic polymers can be combined and engineered to withstand any environmental conditions and avoid the type of corrosion or erosion that leaves metal products rusted, weathered and dysfunctional.

Improved Strength and Durability

A specially-engineered plastic product can end up being more dent-resistant and durable than metal products while keeping a substantially lower product weight. Proof of this is evident is the materials used to manufacture modern vehicles versus those of a few decades ago. When weight can be reduced without sacrificing strength or durability, it is easy to see how the production, transportation, storage and usage of products becomes considerably cheaper and easier.

Improved Appearance

With metal products, most aesthetic qualities, such as colour or texture, need to be added or adjusted after the initial manufacturing stage is over. With plastics, however, these properties are most often inherent in the material being used. This results in a simplified production process that eliminates the need for painting or finishing. Additionally, this also means that these aesthetic qualities will stay in their desired state more consistently over time and won’t be subjected to the deterioration of paint or dyes.

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