Oct 14, 2014

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Why Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins is a Viable Option

Whether the major complaint is pain or simply cosmetic concerns, there’s no reason for anyone to live with the complications caused by varicose veins. Laser treatment for varicose veins can provide a viable option that eliminates symptoms and enables sufferers to go about their normal lives in no time at all.

To understand why laser treatment for varicose veins makes a great deal of sense, it helps to have a grasp on this condition and its potential complications. Varicose veins form in the body, most typically the legs, when the valves in veins malfunction. This can lead to a pooling of blood, which causes the affected vein to swell. It may also impede normal circulation. If varicose veins are especially swollen, a person may experience pain, itching, rashes and a loss of mobility along with the cosmetic concerns so commonly expressed by patients.

Why Laser Treatment?

While a host of treatment options exist for varicose veins, sometimes physicians recommend laser therapy. When laser treatment for varicose veins is used in place of another remedial option, the goal is to quickly and effectively take the affected vein out of commission.

A new therapy, known as radial laser endovenous, enables a trained physician to use a fiber optic catheter and laser to essentially remove the damaged vein. In doing so, the pooling is eliminated and the pain and unsightliness goes away. This particular type of laser therapy is often preferred over other laser options because it has a near 100-percent effectiveness rate and has little to no recovery time involved.

When patients opt for laser treatment for varicose veins from Vein Specialty Medical Clinic, Inc., they will find the procedure is minimally invasive. In the case of radial treatment, a patient will find there is no need for general anesthesia and it is often possible to return to normal activities in the very same day. Plus, this particular procedure enables patients to avoid unsightly scarring while also delivering very little post-procedure pain.

Other Options

Laser treatment for varicose veins isn’t the only option available. People suffering from this condition may also find that vein removal or sclerotherapy are the options their physicians recommend.

Before deciding on laser treatment for varicose veins, carefully review at https://local.yahoo.com/info-43530988-vein-specialty-medical-clinic-campbell and the options with a trained physician. A doctor is best positioned to determine the best treatment option for each unique case.

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