Dec 27, 2013

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Why It Is Best To Use A Full Service Agency For Auto Insurance In Ann Arbor

Michigan requires drivers to have auto insurance, but smart vehicle owners do not need a law to understand how important it is to have good Auto Insurance in Ann Arbor. Vehicle insurance covers medical bills, provides rental cars, and ensures that drivers can afford to repair or replace their cars after an accident. Because this insurance is so important, it is important to rely on experts, such as the Heidi Kussurelis Agency, to provide the right coverage. These professionals meet customer needs by offering:

* CUSTOM COVERAGE: Insurance experts evaluate your coverage needs, and continue to advise you on needed changes as time goes by and circumstances alter. They can explain why you need to change Auto Insurance in Ann Arbor to add a spouse, or teen-aged driver, or even remove an adult child from your policy.

* SAVINGS: Professionals strive to find insurance that provides maximum coverage at the least possible cost. They do this by offering roadside assistance, accident forgiveness. and total loss deductible waivers, among other options. Agents may also provide multi-policy discounts, when you also insure your home and life with them. They can provide multi-vehicle, or even fleet discounts for your business. Professionals help you decide whether or not increasing your deductible is a wise way to save even further.

* A RANGE OF PERSONAL COVERAGE: In addition to providing vehicle insurance, your full-service agent can offer other protection, including policies for your recreational vehicles. These may include motorcycles, ATV’s, snowmobiles, jet ski’s, boats, and campers. In addition, the agency can help you protect investment property by providing Landlord Insurance in Ann Arbor. If you rent your own home, your agent will offer renter’s insurance, which covers your personal property.

* BUSINESS INSURANCE: The same agency that writes policies for your home and property will also ensure that your business is protected. Full-service professionals offer personal help, and can advise you of exactly what coverage you need in for property damage, negligence suits, health insurance, workmen’s compensation, and more.

When you trust a full-service agency to provide your insurance, you are assured of getting coverage customized for your auto, home, life, and even business needs. Insurance professionals constantly evaluate your needs, to ensure that you have the best coverage at the lowest prices.

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