Dec 10, 2015

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Why is Water Especially Threatening for a Flat Roofing in Lawrence KS?

Why is Water Especially Threatening for a Flat Roofing in Lawrence KS?

Water damage is problematic for any roofing style, but it is especially so for flat roofs. Even the biggest indication of an issue, a wet spot on the ceiling, can be deceptive. The spot of visible water from the roof is rarely where the leak has occurred. This is because water penetrates the Flat Roofing in Lawrence KS without dripping directly down. It sifts through a layer or two and finds the most vulnerable position. It is more problematic in a flat roof because there is no obvious place where the water is directed. It could theoretically fall anywhere and in any direction when it falls through the initial roofing layer. It is why the spot that appears upon the roof is rarely where the leak is occurring. A professional will follow the water flow.

The extent of the damage is also extremely hard to decipher without a close inspection. In short, the water damage is not focused. It could appear in small spots across the entire roof. Since it is spread out enough, it does not seep through the ceiling and become visible. Unfortunately, the water could have spread throughout the entire roof and the area between the ceiling and surface roof. It could have degraded the quality of the roof dramatically, and weakened the wood with soft rotting. None of this would be detected through the ceiling.

In a sloped roof, there are clear trouble areas. The water is concentrated to head in a certain direction, and diagnosis the extent of the damage and the source is quite easy. None of this applies for Flat Roofing in Lawrence KS.

Ponding is a popular problem with flat roofs. As noted, the water has no clear direction. It may often just rest, complacently in one spot on the roof. This procedure, known as ponding, is disastrous. The water is concentrated in that one area for long periods of time. Without moving, it will warp the wood, cause intense mold growth, penetrate the roof, and be a serious cause for alarm.

Without a professional on standby, the project could always fall apart. Contact Alpha Roofers to get an exceptional review of all areas of the roof, from the very flat to the highly sloped.

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